Brownfield Redevelopment for Equitable and Resilient Communities Report Cover

Even though the definition of a brownfield site is just a few decades old, the longer lens of history shows that redevelopment is a constantly occurring event in municipalities and communities. Today, brownfield redevelopment is a critical practice for community revitalization, involving identification and realization of economic, environmental, and social goals.

Beyond perpetual challenges to redevelopment, communities are contending with urgent concerns related to recovery from a global pandemic, a warming planet, and heightened attention to social and economic disparities. However, public and private stakeholders are modeling innovative practices, programs, and projects that support brownfield redevelopment and more resilient and equitable communities.

To assist local governments, developers, and other stakeholders, this guide is designed to:

  • Provide an overview of the enduring and more recent challenges related to brownfields and their redevelopment.
  • Highlight emerging and leading redevelopment practices that advance community resilience and equitable development.
  • Help local leaders identify national, regional, state, and local technical assistance, tools, and resources available to support effective and sustainable redevelopment.

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