New, REDUCED Membership Dues

ICMA’s restructure of membership dues will provide savings for CAOs and ACAOs and offer those in smaller communities the opportunity to experience the benefits of ICMA membership. Whether you have been a member for decades or are brand new, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and support in helping shape the future of the profession. We truly appreciate you!

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ICMA is honored to support members at every stage of their career

ICMA offers tools, training, and the networking you need to take your community and your career to the next level.
Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs)
Also known as city manager, town administrator, or county executive
Assistant Chief Administrative Officers (ACAOs)
Also known as assistant managers or deputy managers
Department Heads
Whether you consider yourself a specialist in human resources, finance, public works, planning or any other area
Mid-Management and Entry-Level Staff
Also known as administrative staff, analysts or assistants to the CAOs
Students and Interns
ICMA recognizes the importance of providing for the future of the profession.
Also known as retired CAOs, encore professionals, or life members

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Shining a light on ICMA members and their stories

ICMA's 13,000+ members are diverse and unique and so are their stories and experiences. We invite you to get to know and learn from our members, your peers, and your colleagues.

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Join the conversation on ICMA Connect

ICMA Connect is an online community providing ICMA members with opportunities to ask questions of your colleagues, share knowledge and resources, and much more!



ICMA provides the tools, resources and connections to help you become part of the international network of 13,000+ local government management professionals.