Going into "transition" is a very difficult situation that all too many members face at some point in their local government careers. Any job change is difficult, but when it's forced on someone for reasons that often have nothing to do with their job performance, it can be traumatic. We want to be sure you are aware of the resources ICMA and its valued partners make available to members who are between jobs.

When a manager or assistant manager is fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated from local government service, ICMA provides an array of personal and financial support.

In Transition?


Want to support a colleague in transition?

First and foremost, reach out to your colleagues in transition with advice and support! Also, consider members in transition for short-term and interim assignments in your community. 

The Member's Guide to a Career that has Ups, Downs, and Detours
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Remember that You are Not Alone. Keep in touch with friends, involve your family in your struggles, and stay active. You have much to contribute, and you will find a rewarding, new opportunity. 

Personal Support

ICMA provides access to support services from ICMA leadership, senior management staff, Senior Advisors, and other members. Members are given the opportunity to have their names listed in the ICMA Newsletter  and on the website as "in transition."  Their colleagues are encouraged to respond individually with advice and support. Colleagues should also keep in mind that members in transition are wonderful resources for short-term and interim assignments. In addition, each member in transition receives access to special articles and other publications designed to address common concerns during this difficult time. Click here for one example, a Colorado manual for managers in transition

Stay Engaged with ICMA and the ICMA Member Network

You are still very much a part of the international ICMA network. Be sure to keep us current on your home and e-mail addresses so membership materials reach you promptly. ICMA recognizes how important it is that you continue to receive your member communications including Leadership Matters (member edition) with its job ads, PM Magazine, and access to the password-protected sections of icma.org

Remember that your membership belongs to you, not to your employer. If your membership dues come up for renewal while you're in transition, just note that on the invoice, return it to our attention, and ICMA will waive your membership dues for up to three years.

Additionally, reach out to your state association; many states offer in transition members additional benefits and services.

Contact ICMA Member Services any time you feel the need for personal support or counsel at 800-745-8780/202-962-3680 or membership@icma.org.

Maximize Your Job Search

Consider the career resources available through the ICMA Career Center and the ICMA Job Centerwhich offers members a database of current job openings in the local government management profession, an online resume service, and online ICMA publications. Of particular interest may be:

Take Advantage of the ICMA Senior Advisor Program

The counsel, experience, and support of respected, retired managers is available to you. Senior Advisors have "been there" and experienced many of the same problems, frustrations, and conflicts that you have. All discussions are on a confidential, no-fee basis. The Senior Advisors have offered to volunteer their time to counsel, brainstorm, and, most of all, listen. ICMA and the State Asociations in over 20 States share their travel, phone, and postage expenses. 

Make Plans to Continue Your Professional Development

Come to the ICMA Annual Conference, with complimentary registration for you and your partner. Instructions for "in transition" members are included on the registration form. Members in transition are also given the opportunity to access travel and lodging assistance scholarships. For those who still cannot attend, archived virtual conference materials are provided free of charge after the conference.

ICMA also provides complimentary, unlimited access to  ICMA University webinars priced at $149.00 to members in transition.

  • Register online for a webinar as you would normally. Because we have you listed as a member in transition the fee will balance out to zero at the end of the process. 

Learn from the Experiences of Others

Here are just a few resources to provide guidance during this time:

Financial Support

  • Your ICMA Membership dues payments are waived.
  • Your Annual Conference registration fee is waived.
  • Unlimited access to ICMA University Webinars; the fee is waived.

On a financial level, ICMA waives dues payments in six-month increments for up to three years. To facilitate networking with their fellow managers and to promote professional development while in transition, the registration fees for the Annual Conference are waived. What’s more, we’ve made the registration process easy. Just register online as you would normally register, and because we have you listed as a member in transition the fee will balance out to zero at the end of the process. Members in transition are also given the opportunity to apply for a travel and lodging stipend. (For those who still cannot attend the Annual Conference, archived virtual conference materials are provided free of charge after the event.). Another benefit ICMA extends to the member in transition is unlimited complimentary access to all webinars priced at $149.

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Additional Support Services


Reputation Management Services for ICMA Members in Transition    

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Online reputation management is the process of preventing and repairing threats to your online reputation, but it also involves building a strong positive presence. It is done by tracking what is written about you using techniques to address or moderate that information. Tripepi Smith is the preferred provider of online reputation management products and services. MITs interested in accessing these resources, contact membership@icma.org

Reputation Management Services Brochure


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Questions? Contact us.

Since ICMA membership belongs to the individual, not the local government, it is important for members to contact ICMA whenever there is a change in employment status. Reach out to us at membership@icma.org or call 202-962-3680.