ICMA maintains close ties to state-based associations of local government professionals through its regional relationship management efforts supported by a network of ICMA regional vice presidents, regional directors, and other dedicated ICMA staff who serve as liaisons. In addition, ICMA maintains formal relationships with 39 international and multinational affiliates. ICMA strives to closely align its work with all affiliate groups and to measure progress over time. Formal affiliation agreements provide a framework for documenting how we work together to build on key strategic initiatives. Through these agreements we can collaborate to set specific, mutually beneficial goals.

The purpose of these affiliate relationships is twofold:
  • To reinforce the importance and value of the relationship between ICMA and affiliated associations, and the value of belonging to both.
  • To complement the support and delivery of services to local government management professionals.

Our goal is to complement one another's efforts, grow our respective memberships, and share resources.

Areas of specific emphasis include:
  • Ethics
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Advocacy for the Profession
  • Membership Development, Engagement, and Support
  • ICMA Governance
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity Initiatives.

ICMA and state associations collaborate on promoting and celebrating the highest ethical standards of professional behavior, and promotion and defense of the council-manager form of government. Joint professional development activities will underscore a commitment to lifelong learning. Through advances in technology, ICMA and state associations can more effectively gather and share information, so that together we become the preeminent source of information about leadership and management of local government. ICMA is committed to highlighting to all local government professionals the value of belonging to their respective state association and to ICMA.

Professional Development

ICMA also works closely with affiliate association staff to assist with conference program planning, ensure ICMA leadership representation at meetings, and support the network of staff in association management practices.

State Associations

National and Equity Affiliates

International Affiliates

ICMA maintains affiliate relationships with local government professional organizations worldwide. These mutually beneficial partnerships are formalized by signed agreements that commit both organizations to:

  • Collaborate in the exchange of leading practices and expansion of each organization's knowledge base.
  • Expand the international perspectives of each organization's individual members.
  • Join resources where appropriate to more effectively foster professional local government management worldwide.

In maintaining these relationships, senior officials of each organization attend each other's conferences; liaisons assigned by the ICMA International Committee and organization staff establish annual work plans and contribute to each other's publications; and members engage in one-on-one exchanges.

Upcoming Events

The events below are upcoming international local government association events. Please visit the event websites for more information.

Annual Dinner '24 - 50 Years of Solace

March 21, 2024


Solace in the South Conference

April 18-19, 2024


CCMA-Ireland Tourism Conference

April 18-19, 2024


Exello.net Members' Conference

May 30, 2024


ICMA Europe Summit (More Information Coming Soon)

May 31, 2024

Hasselt, Belgium



Shaping Sustainable Town Centres

May 31, 2024



2024 CAMA Conference and Annual General Meeting

June 2-5, 2024


Federation of Canadian Municipalities Annual Conference and Trade Show 2024

June 6-9, 2024


LGAZ Annual Conference: "Visionary Local Leadership in the Face of Current and Emerging Developmental Challenges"

August 6-9, 2024

More information coming soon

Taituarā Annual Conference

September 11-13, 2024


Solace Summit 2024

October 17-18, 2024