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Use ICMA's career guides to help find your way. Each career guide includes a personalized plan for achieving your professional goals. Find programs that confront your greatest challenges, including changes in the workforce, advances in technology, ethical and leadership dilemmas, and staff learning needs.

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Local Government Management: It's the Career for You!

A complimentary guidebook for career-changers looking to break into local government management.

This resource is intended to help local government managers and MPA programs work together to develop meaningful internship opportunities.

Job hunting can be time-consuming and anxiety-producing!

ICMA First-Time Administrator's Handbook

To assist managers with their daily challenges, we prepared this concise yet comprehensive guide that both emerging leaders and veteran managers can benefit from this handbook's suggestions.


Following are some recommendations as you prepare for your interview.

Steadfast guide for first-time administrators.

This document serves as a model employment agreement template for administrators of municipal governments.

This free e-book for ICMA members offers a variety of suggested techniques and strategies.

Build an effective internship program

We prepared this resource to help local government managers and MPA programs work together to develop meaningful internship opportunities.


ACAO Guide

Guidebook for current ACAOs, new or aspiring ACAOs, or CAOs looking to create or support an ACAO in your organization.

A guide of information and advice for interim or acting local government managers.

This complimentary handbook is intended to highlight the value of a formal manager evaluation process and to assist local elected officials.

Tips and tactics to help veterans get the job they want in the local government profession.

Guidebook for Assistant and Deputy Managers

This guide was prepared to help every deputy or assistant succeed in his or her role, and with his or her career aspirations.


Recruiting and selecting a local government manager or administrator is one of the most important responsibilities of a local governing body...

Directory of search firms that assist with recruitment and placement of local government chief administrators and other senior positions.

Talent 2.0

A Modern Approach to Attracting & Retaining Top Talent in Local Government

Case Studies, Research, and Other Resources

This ICMA resource book aims to help senior managers prepare the next generation of managers.

An ICMA coloring book about local government — your community of cities, towns, and counties!

Resources for K-12 educators and students.

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An ICMA Coaching Program column focused on career issues for local government professional...

At the 2008 ICMA Annual Conference in Richmond, Virginia, ICMA released a collection of next generation articles published in PM Magazine.