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ICMA coordinates and supports Women Leading Government (WLG) chapters and initiatives to help women succeed in public service. WLG chapters provide a platform for women in government to connect, network, and share best practices for leadership development. They offer professional development and training opportunities, mentorship programs, and access to resources to help women advance their careers and become effective leaders in government. Women Leading Government chapters are organized by state or region, and function as their own membership-based initiative usually under the umbrella of their ICMA state association.

The League of Women in Government serves as the umbrella organization to support local and...

To help women succeed in public service by enhancing career-building models that develop...

Legacy Project

Helping women succeed in public service.

16/50 Project

Empowering Women to Lead Local Government

An overview of women members of ICMA.

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Since 1974, with the first Task Force on Women in the Profession, ICMA

Driving Gender Balance

Five strong women, smiling after speaking on a panel

Four ways to incorporate intersectionality and positively impact women in local government

Teresa De Castro holding her daughter

If we want to keep women in our profession and we want women to keep advancing, we have to

And making sure they can stay in the workforce.

Photo of Judy Gilleland

A moment of gratitude for the city manager and other women who helped me get my start in

Laura Savage, Monica Spells, Katherine DeMoura, and Chelsea Jackson at the 2022 ICMA Annual Conference

Those in the assistant chief administrative officer role—or aspiring to be—can benefit


A PM Special Supplement exploring what it means to be a woman in local government today

Firefighter Sandy Dostal, Excelsior Councilmember Lou Dierking, Tonka Bay City Administrator Kathy Laur, and Fire Marshal Kellie Murphy-Ringate

A city administrator with a burning desire to experience the world of firefighting

A feature of the PM special supplement, "Women Influencing Local Government," in honor of

Reno City Manager Doug Thornley signs symbolic purple chair.

How collaborative experiences can enhance virtual events to bring women together

Photos of Kelsey Scholarship recipients

ICMA is pleased to award this year’s Local Government Management Fellowship Judy L. Kelsey


Professional Growth at Every Career Stage

Learn as a Mentee, Be a Mentor, and Pay It Forward

Hear how six female managers are earning the respect of their peers and breaking down...

SheLeadsGov Spotlights

Blog Posts

The SheLeadsGov initiative continues to advance the importance of representation.

Learn about ICMA’s donor-funded international development work in Asia and ways that you can get involved.

Eileen O’Connor, senior VP for communications, policy, and advocacy, the Rockefeller Foundation, spoke at the National Homeland Security Consortium meeting in January 2024.

A Local Government Guidebook for Improving Large-Scale Solar Development Outcomes.

Findings from the 2023 Vitality in America report.

Sharing ideas on connecting communities in ways that are effective for unique locations.

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Looking at the roles and responsibilities of local government professionals and elected officials

We must all take action to preserve our democratic institutions, public processes, and the council-manager form of government.

Navigating the challenges of your first CAO position

The ethics behind keeping your governing body in the know

Presenting yourself authentically as the leader you are can never steer you wrong.

Ethical fairness involves different conceptions of need, deservingness, and entitlement, and is at the heart of public action.

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