ICMA holds a speed coaching event each year at our annual conference. Many state coaching partners also hold speed coaching events in their states, as have some ICMA Student Chapters. At the ICMA's annual conference, coaches give career and resume tips in a lively and always popular workshop. ICMA holds this event each conference on Sunday morning (10-11:45am) to help build relationships and make introductions before the conference starts. 

Speed Coaching at the ICMA conference in Montreal, 2009 was featured on ICMAtv!

How to Make the Most out of Speed Coaching...And Have Fun Doing It!

For Speed Coaching, below are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of this lively, fast-paced opportunity to expand your network and develop professional connections.

  1. You’ll participate in four or five 10-minute speed coaching sessions. Come with a playful spirit; this is intended to be a high energy, low-risk way to get acquainted.
  2. Think about what you'd like to give and take from the 10 minute sessions. Here are some starter ideas. 
    • Pick one or two items for a particular session.
    • Make up your own ideas or questions. 
    • Just be yourself. 
    • If you don't click with someone, no worries; you'll move on to someone else soon!

For aspiring local government leaders, you might think about...

  • Hopes you'd like to realize in your career.
  • Some career issue you'd like to get different perspectives about.
  • Feedback about options that you are considering.
  • Connections for volunteer coaches to help you make to advance your interests. 
  • Gratitude for the opportunity to personally meet and learn.
  • Something that you found useful from the exchange.

For executive leaders/coaches, you might think about...

  • Your understanding of what's important to the person you are Speed Coaching.
  • Some options that you think she or he may wish to consider.
  • A brief story or experience that may be relevant.
  • A vision or action that you invite them to embrace.
  • People, resources, or education that you think might be useful to them.

Prepare for Speed Coaching with our Resource Packet!

Bring your business cards! There is no pressure for further discussion, just opportunities.

At the end of the event, there is a short feedback session to share the great connections made during the event. Feel free to share; we all want to learn!

Tips adapted from Don Maruska, ICMA Coaching


Want to organize Your own speed coaching event?

Speed Coaching is great for state association conferences, professional gatherings, and local area managers meeting. For example, California encourages every local area managers meeting to have at least one session each year when each manager brings an aspiring manager for a meeting that includes Speed Coaching. Here are some guidelines to organize your Speed Coaching Event.  Speed Coaching Guidelines and Feedback form