Local Government Leadership for Economic Mobility & Opportunity

ICMA will offer a series of learning and training opportunities around boosting upward mobility in local communities.

Best Practices for Optimizing Data to Advance Economic Mobility (Access Free On-Demand)

Beyond the Data: Charting a Path to Economic Opportunity Through Storytelling (Access Free On-Demand)


Learn more about the ten communities who have been selected to be members through a process that gauged readiness to implement EMO-centered strategies through policies, practices, processes, and programs.

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Data Resources

Mobility Metrics

Data for U.S. cities and counties on evidence-based predictors of mobility from poverty

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Opportunity Insights

Research and data to identify and dismantle barriers to economic opportunity

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Best Practices for Optimizing Data to Advance Economic Mobility

Do you have data that uncovers key barriers to economic mobility in your community, but need an impactful way to translate that data to a wider audience? To help you bring your data to life, this course dives into the basics of data and information visualization, covering various ways to visualize data and make it more palatable- through charts, maps, graphs, infographics, and combinations of these options.

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Beyond the Data: Charting a Path to Economic Opportunity Through Storytelling

What story of your community does your data tell? Is it a story of a community where everyone thrives, or maybe one where disparities in housing, education, and job opportunities persist? This course will foster better understanding of how to harness data to tell stories about the realities of your community in a way that meets audiences where they are, gives them the information they need (and nothing they don't!), and inspires them to take actionable steps with the information being presented.

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Planning Guidance
Example Strategies and Case Studies


Featured Resource: Tools & Resources for Promoting Upward Mobility from the 2023 3rd Annual ICMA Equity Summit

This session introduces a continuum of open-access resources and tools available to help you identify, refine, and advance local priorities around increasing mobility and decreasing inequities. Learn about accessing metrics data, planning guidance, and examples of evidence-based strategies and leading practices spanning a wide range of issue areas. Speakers include: Ryan Rippel, Director, Economic Mobility and Opportunity, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Ross Tilchin, Director of Economic Mobility, Results for America; and Tina Chelidze, Policy Associate, Urban Institute.