Breaking into local government takes tenacity and patience.  Most senior managers will tell you they started their careers with some kind of internship or fellowship (paid and/or unpaid). 

As senior managers begin to retire in greater numbers, local governments need bright and dedicated young people to make public service their career. ICMA is working to increase opportunities for the local government leaders of tomorrow.

Here are suggestions for how you can pursue your interest in local government management: 

The websites of state local government management associations often also list internship opportunities. ICMA provides a list of these organizations. If these sites do not offer specific internship listings, they may connect you to resources in other jurisdictions near you.

The Network of Schools of Public Affairs and Administrations (NASPAA) also offers information on internships on its Public Service Careers site. Lastly, your own school or university may have contacts with local governments through its career services or political science/public administration departments.

Informational Interviews

Contacting managers and assistant managers for informational interviews is a great way to build your local government network. If you're an ICMA member, you can find contact information for ICMA members in our Who's Who database.

City and county websites also offer contact information for various departments. Simply Google the local government you'd like to contact.

Local Government Management Fellowship/Internship Programs
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