Much as our members believe in and comply with the ICMA Code of Ethics, the association has adopted a set of principles to guide our Executive Board and staff. The ICMA Code of Conduct sets a high standard  by outlining our values and  acceptable business practices worldwide.   

The ICMA Code of Conduct explains ICMA’s high expectations for how the organization conducts business around the world. The principles in this document mandate full compliance with applicable laws. Our organization values are outlined in "The ICMA Way" and serve as the foundation for the ICMA Code of Conduct.These core values—Ethical, Leadership, Accountable, Transparent, Respectful, Collaborative, and Disciplined—guide our actions in conducting business worldwide.  

Our commitment extends to providing any concerned individual with the opportunity to report waste, fraud, or abuse via an anonymous and confidential hotline: 800-461-9330 or

ICMA Code of Conduct



In addition, the ICMA Constitution outlines qualifications and election procedures for ICMA's officers, defines membership categories, and establishes the important link between membership and ICMA's Code of Ethics. Amendments to the Constitution and Code of Ethics must be approved by a majority vote of Corporate members.