LGR: Local Government Review is a special section of Public Management (PM) magazine that puts key research findings and expert insights about current local government issues and trends into the hands of local government professionals.

This publication will benefit any local government professional but will also prove to be a resource for students, mentors, and those interested in preparing themselves for next steps in their career.

Topics in issues of LGR include:

  • Leading Resilient Communities in a Changing Environment
  • Sustainability and Local Governments
  • Tackling the Housing Affordability Crisis
  • Innovation Loves a Good Challenge
  • Food for Thought - How and Why Local Governments Support Local Food Systems
  • Supreme Court Review for Local Governments
  • Why Local Governments Are Talking About Millennials
  • Citizen Engagement Tools, Goals, and Successes
  • Re-Structured for Economic Success
  • Local Government Cybersecurity in the U.S.: Survey Tells a Cautionary Tale
  • Pursuing Innovation in Local Government
  • Powerful Storytelling: Leadership Narratives from UK Local Government Chief Executives
  • Essential Tool for Government: Data Analytics
  • Community Engagement: In Police Services and Beyond
  • Near the Top: Understanding Gender Imbalance in Local Government Management
  • Pathways to the Making of Prosperous Smart Cities: An Exploratory Study on the Best Practices

LGR is created on a bi-annual basis and available in both print and digital editions. These editions are available at no cost to ICMA members and nonmembers as LGR serves as a valuable resource to local government professionals and stakeholders. Access here:

>> LGR: Local Government Review - July 2021

>> LGR: Local Government Review - November 2020

>> LGR: Local Government Review - February 2020

>> LGR: Local Government Review - July 2019

>> LGR: Local Government Review - March 2019

>> LGR: Local Government Review - July 2018

>> LGR: Local Government Review - December 2017

>> LGR: Local Government Review - June 2017

>> LGR: Local Government Review - December 2016


As new research findings and analyses become available, ICMA will publish future editions of LGR: Local Government Review.

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