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Local Planning: Contemporary Principles and Practice is the all-new edition of the popular book, The Practice of Local Government Planning, which has been the valued resource for preparing for the AICP exam. This new edition helps the reader understand the complexities of planning at the local level, and prepare to make decisions in a challenging environment.

Gold Winner of the 2010 EXCEL Award from Association Media & Publishing

  • A contemporary look at local planning for a new generation of planners
  • Written for planning directors and nonplanners in both the private and public sectors
  • Perfect for graduate level introductory planning classes
  • Recommended for preparation for the AICP exam
  • Contributors include a wide-ranging collection of voices—academics, practitioners, clients, and observers of planning

What's Inside:

  • Demonstrates the breadth of planning challenges, the diversity of solutions, and lessons from the past
  • Describes the historical, governmental, legal, and community context of planning
  • Presents the challenges that planners will need to address in the decade ahead
  • Provides useful, current examples of leading planning practices
  • Helps planners and nonplanners apply well-reasoned strategic thinking in their planning challenges
  • Unravels the complexity of planning at the local level to help readers make decisions in a difficult environment
  • Helps students of the profession bridge the gap between theory and practice

Local Planning: Contemporary Principles and Practice focuses on emerging issues and future challenges, offering useful, current examples of leading planning practices. The organization and content of the book will help planners and nonplanners who manage the work of planners apply well-reasoned strategic thinking to their planning challenges, and will help students of the profession bridge theory and practice.

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