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The Path to Community Prosperity

The Merriam - Webster definition of “livable” is “suitable for living in”. At the most basic level that means safe, clean, and sustainable but once those criteria are met, there are many additional things that residents want to see in their communities. However, different people have different requirements.

According to an April 2023 study by POLCO, in an average community

  • 17% of residents are foreign born or speak a language other than English,
  • 21% have disabilities,
  • 25% are persons of color, and
  • 30% are over the age of 65.

With such a diverse group of individuals, how do community leaders ensure that they are creating livable communities for ALL residents? Our speakers will discuss this question and offer examples that have helped them create livable and sustainable communities.

Addresses Practice Areas: [8] Policy Facilitation and Implementation and [9] Community and Residence Service

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  • Melissa Wiley, MPA, Deputy Town Administrator, Erie, Colorado
  • Matthew Horn, Director, Municipal Services, MRB Group
  • Marketa Oliver, MPA, City Administrator, Bondurant, Iowa

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