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Local governments that have upgraded their motor-driven equipment, or are ready to replace their old distribution transformer, may qualify for financial assistance. The Department of Energy’s Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains is now accepting applications for both their extended product system and transformer rebate programs.

The extended product system rebate program provides rebates to entities that purchased and installed or newly incorporated an extended product system. Extended product systems (EPS) are industrial systems that are combinations of electric motors, electronic control, and driven load (i.e., pumps, fans, and compressors).

What Applicants Will Need to Provide for EPS

1.  Description of the organization.

2.  Information about the EPS.

3.  Evidence the EPS is qualified and manufacturer documentation.

4.  Attestations for equipment specific requirements.

5.  Authorized officer signature certifying application accuracy.

What Applicants Will Need to Provide for Transformers

The energy efficient transformer rebate program provides rebates for energy efficient transformers. The rebate program aims to help entities replace qualified energy inefficient transformers with qualified energy efficient transformers. Applicants need to provide the following:

1. Description of their organization.

2. Evidence the decommissioned transformer is qualified and has been decommissioned and scrapped.

3. Evidence the replacement transformer is qualified.

4. Executive officer signature certifying application accuracy.

Timing and Next Steps

DOE encourages potential applicants of both programs to apply as soon as they can as applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Applications for the transformer rebate program are due December 8, 2023. There is currently no deadline for the extended product system rebate program. Applying to the program is free.

Individuals with questions about the rebate programs can send an email to

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